Mindfulness for all

Yoga for fertility, workplaces and women

Private Yoga Classes

Private Classes

New to yoga or pilates or keen to try yoga for fertility  in a private environment? Nikki will work with you to create a practice suited to your unique needs. You will get undivided attention, plenty of hands on assistance in postures and breathing exercises to help you be the best version of yourself.

Corporate Yoga

You’ve read through everything on the Corporate page and now you’re ready for Nikki to help you design the perfect workplace wellbeing program.

Corporate Yoga Classes


Embrace your inner creatrix (for women only)

A general class for women who want to learn more about what it means to be a divine feminine creature. These classes work with the lunar cycle, the phases of life and our own natural monthly cycle. This style of yoga is packed with plenty of information on how to develop a better relationship with your own mind and body – honouring different phases of the hormonal cycle and through various phases of our lives. This is a perfect workshop for girls and women looking going through, hormone related issues such as first periods,  infertility, menopause and perimenopause as well as ladies interested in understanding their cycle and yoni (the yogi word for vagina and all our special lady parts) more deeply.These workshops vary in content but you are always guarantee to connect with other women, have fun and probably walk away feeling more feminine than ever before.

Hen's & Baby Shower Rituals

Spoil the Hen or Mumma to be with a sacred women’s ritual. Gather and connect with your nearest and dearest sharing a loving ritual and gentle all levels yoga inspired class or meditation. Finish with a flower mandala or flower crown making activity for the bride or belly painting of the mamma to be. Nikki is happy to work with you to create a perfect ritual for that special someone.

Yoga for Athletes

Training for something in particular or maybe you need some stretching and strengthening to accompany your program? I can work with your group specifically on their training needs or i can work with your gym to create a program that best suits their timetable.

Events & Workshops

A 15 year media and marketing career saw Nikki facilitate many conferences, team building days, group workshops and events – a great way to bond with your team or your clients is through some health and wellbeing inspired workshops. Nikki has a suite of workshops ready to go or she can work with you on something special for your event.