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Fertility Yoga & Women’s Wellness

Fertility Yoga | Women’s Wellness | Rituals

Women need to feel, create and gather with one another. I believe that even though our stories might be different we women share the need to live a life of purpose and to connect with one another.

Fertility yoga teacher Nikki;

Nikki’s journey

Happy Living Project founder, Nikki Briscoe, is on a long journey of self-discovery.

For 15 years her identity centred on being a corporate media and marketing professional. She was driven. She worked hard. She played hard. She reached the top of her game.

But then she fell.

She felt empty and out of touch with who she was. Her work suffered. Her relationship suffered. Her body and mind suffered.

She found yoga. Her breath and movement practice became the medicine her mind and body needed. From rock bottom, she began to transform.

Yoga became a way of living and a pathway to teaching yoga revealed itself.

In 2018 her life and business started to shift towards celebrating femininity and helping women heal through movement and meditation.

Nikki is deeply passionate about women’s health, healing and fertility

Yoga as medicine

For 9 years Nikki ignored something big. She didn’t have periods. She bled maybe once or twice a year – but that was convenient, so why bother trying to change it?

Then, over time, conversations at home started to shift. Parenthood become a frequently spoken about topic. So, she sought medical advice. This journey led to many tests, surgery  and answers she didn’t want to believe.

Nikki believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. With passion (or stubbornness) and conviction, she declined doctors’ advice to take hormone treatments and found alternative medicine. That medicine was mostly yoga but also complimented with Acupuncture, natural supplements and complete change of lifestyle.

Her movement practice changed from hard workouts and runs to meditation and gentle yoga.

Her life changed from being a Corporate Marketer to running two of her own businesses, controlling her schedule and pace of life.

Her wardrobe changed from high heels and tight dresses to flowy skirts, no shoes and tights.

Her body responded.

She now teaches women how to connect with their own intuition to guide themselves toward healing, she provides tools and experiences to celebrate what it means to be a feminine and teaches women how to embrace their cyclical nature.

Fertility yoga benefits

Nikki’s journey has taught her to embrace femininity. She now uses her creativity to help other women find theirs

Fertility Yoga and Women’s Wellness Rituals

Immerse yourself in Nikki’s Wellness Rituals and Fertility Yoga workshops to reconnect and re-enlighten the feminine inside.

Yoga for Fertility

Fertility yoga

Break away from the stress and cultivate a more honest relationship with your emotions. Nikki’s workshops help you get to know and love your womb space, calm anxiety and improve the flow of energy throughout your body.

Become acquainted with the phases of the moon and how they affect your ability to conceive. Let breathe, movement, meditation and womanhood support you on your fertility journey.

“I love the overall workshop composition – healing, meditation and yoga. I especially liked the time we spent our feelings before yoga, being able to open up with other ladies in parallel lives – it really helps with healing. the yoga poses tailored to the class’s mood and energy levels made yoga much more effective. A better understanding of the moon cycles helped with managing my emotions better. i feel more positive and emotionally healthier after this workshop.”

Regene, Workshop series at The New Life Centre for Women

Fertility yoga workshops

Hen’s rituals

Embrace the energy of the divine feminine – flowers, candles, teas and treats, this 90 min session is a great bonding session for you and your gal-pals – perfect for all ages of ladies 5- 85. Nikki works with you or your Hens to design a unique event that is the quintessential reflection of your womanhood.

Fertility yoga workshops;

Baby shower rituals

A blessing ceremony for the mother and baby to come into the world. This ritual sees the expecting mum showered in flowers – everyone will experience a womb meditation and loving kindness.

Fertility yoga for women

Mum’s posture program

One on one sessions or mother’s groups workshops to help you open up your shoulders and reduce the impact of all that feeding, bending and lifting. Strengthen your back and core muscles to support your everyday.

55% of women who attended a 10 week fertility yoga program conceived within one year