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Yoga in the workplace builds a tribe. Your tribe will love you for nurturing their mind, body and soul.

Why welcome yoga into your workplace?

Our happy teachers come to you.

A highly specialised workplace wellness instructor comes to you at a time of your choice.

Our happy teachers
come to you

A highly specialised workplace wellness instructor comes to you at a time of your choice.

We de-stress
your people

Yogic and Pilates sequences designed to create mental clarity and counteract our culture of sitting.

We improve your productivity

Your team head back to their desks feeling refreshed and recharged. They’ll be more creative and efficient for the rest of the day.

We make your business and team healthier

Happy, efficient teams stimulate business growth and foster healthy working environments.

Corporate Yoga, Pilates and Wellness Programs

Each program is tailored for your workplace, based on your individual team’s needs, location and practice space. Classes can be bolted together or delivered separately across a timetabled week.

Flow yoga

Signature 50 or 60 minuteflow classes to get people moving and smiling, raise their heart rate and move every inch of their bodies. Great for the health-conscious corporate crowd.

Gentle yoga

50 or 60 mins gentle classes following a more traditional movement practice with meditation. Suitable for any body, any age.


20 or 30 mins meditation and breathing classes that are perfect for lunch breaks as there’s no need to change. Just come, sit and be still to recharge and destress.


50 or 60 minute power mat pilates sessions to get butts and abs burning, while strengthening the core and working on posture to counteract long days in the office.

Introducing Nikki, the Happy Living Yogi & the the rest of the tribe

Nicolette Briscoe is a Sydney based yoga instructor and entrepreneur. Her mission is to make yoga and movement accessible to everyBODY, transforming the way we live, work and play.  In 2016 she founded The Happy Living Project.

Partnering with businesses and commercial property managers, Nikki implements customised corporate yoga and wellness programs for workplaces. The business grew from humble beginnings to a network of Yoga and Pilates teachers across Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

All her teachers are trained to the highest standards. Importantly, they know how to be themselves and have fun connecting corporate teams with their passion for spreading health and happiness. Each teacher is hand selected by Nikki to ensure delivery of the best corporate yoga programs.


The teacher ‘on the mat’ is only part of their story. Who they are ‘off the mat’ adds volumes to the practice you enjoy.

Each teacher has been selected for their radiant smiles and happy, healthy lifestyles.

Our network of teachers delivers the highest quality classes in a down-to-earth, accessible-by-all kind of way.

Corporate Yoga Yogi nikki

Nikki Briscoe

Founder and Yoga Teacher

Nikki was, until recently, a corporate marketer. Now, she brings her creativity to a flowing, nourishing yoga practice. The focus of her classes is to make you breathe, smile, move and nourish - delivering vitality to each corner of the body.

Yogi Theodora

Theodora Spathis

Yoga Teacher

Theodora is a Holistic Therapist, Yoga teacher and speaker who has worked for over 10 years in the health and fitness industry, as well as competing as a Heptathlete.

Pam Lam

Pam Lam

Pilates Teacher

Pam left behind the corporate media and marketing world after the birth of her baby boy Sebastian in 2017. She credits Pilates with keeping her in shape physically and mentally during her pregnancy and now as a mum to a happily active and busy toddler.

Sam Sales Yoga Teacher

Sam Sales

Yoga Teacher

With a background in dance it was the fluid movements and the strength of asanas that drew Sam in initially - it just felt like home from the first practise. As Sam's personal practise evolved, she started to discover there was much more to Yoga and this is where her passion for yoga was really ignited.

Other workshops and events

Beyond corporate yoga, choose from our exciting and unique range of workshops to add further wellness and mindfulness options to your corporate wellness programs.

Healthy treats Workshop

Healthy Treats

Curb the 3pm crash in your team. Interactive workshops teaching how to make healthy, nourishing treats like bliss balls and DIY vegan chocolate, just to name a few.

Creative Conferences and Events

Sessions to open up bodies and minds. Walk like a monkey, dance like a chicken, stretch and be still – workshops tailored for your team bonding sessions, conferences and events.

Myofascial release classes

Release trigger points. Using myofascial release techniques, massage balls and straps, these workshops stretch tight muscles to let go of painful distractions. Trigger point ball for each student included.

Stress Management 101

Tips and tricks to calm the nerves. Workshops designed to arm your team with a suite of tools for managing stress in the workplace. Get them out of their heads and back into their work.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Pranayama

Learn the art of yogic breathing Quiet the mind, allow thoughts to come and go and teach your team how to be more present in their every day. Skills they’ll appreciate at work and at home.

Blindfolded yoga

Fun exploration of trust and balance A great event and team workshop, Happy Living Yogi Nikki leads your team through a few fun exercises in trust, with a bit of dance, laughter and balance using only four senses.

Our Philosophy

The Happy Living Project started with the simple conviction that a breath and movement practice eases stress and provides greater work life balance.

Today, this vision for a happier, healthier, higher-functioning workplace is becoming a reality – one forward-thinking company at a time. 

Our team shares a deeply personal and common interest in spreading the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices to the working communities of Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.