Benefits of corporate yoga – five reasons to try it out!

Benefits of corporate yoga

Workplace wellness programs featuring yoga and meditation have gained traction in recent years, with companies such as Google, Forbes, HBO, Nike and Apple rolling out wellness programs that include yoga. So, what’s all the fuss about? Why do corporate yoga?

Yoga can help all workplaces, regardless of size or location. Let me share five benefits of corporate yoga that will get you wanting to practice during your working week.

  1. Improve mental wellness

A recent study by Australian researchers from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute found that breaking up your sedentary time isn’t only important for physical health. It can also significantly reduce your risk of depression and anxiety. This study found that Aussies sit on average for 10 hours a day (probably more during Covid-19). Moral of the story, move more and get the blood flowing to improve mental health. Read more on the SMH.

  1. Increase energy and fight fatigue

We refer to energy as ‘prana’ or life force in Sanskrit (yogi language) and it is believed that when we are stressed, eat poorly, sleep-deprived, dehydrated etc. our vital energy is low or out of balance. Yoga helps us restore balance through breath, movement and meditation. Finding balance will help you thrive.


  1. Alleviate tight muscles

This one is a no brainer, if we sit too long the muscles get tight and lazy. Sore back and neck, tight hamstrings and poor core strengthen are typical of a sedentary lifestyle – yoga helps you strengthen and stretch.


  1. Combat stress

Have you ever noticed how breathing deeply even just for one minute can alter how you feel? Throughout our yoga practice we cultivate deep yogi breathing. 45 mins of movement plus breath, to calm the fluctuations of the mind. Our aim is to have you walk away from class in a state of bliss. Savasana (corpse pose) is the final pose of practice (and probably the most important) where we integrate mind, body and soul in the state of bliss.


  1. Practice resilience

Yoga can show us how we respond to situations off the mat. Ask yourself, when you arrive in a posture that isn’t comfortable, how do I react? Do you quit or can you breathe through the sensations? This is where we cultivate resilience. I like a slow practice where we sit in a posture for at least five breaths – sometimes there is burning, other times trembling, whatever you feel can you use your breath to anchor to the present moment, rising above the thoughts and sensations? Want to know more? Read more on cultivating presence on my blog here.

There are many more reasons why you would benefit from trying corporate yoga – stay tuned or see you on the mat.

Explore, Nepal with two adventurous yogi’s. Hiking. Yoga & meditation. Thai massage.

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown. 

-Anthony Bourdain 

Two well-travelled and highly experienced yoga teachers Nikki and Janel are collaborating in this once in a lifetime trip. These ladies have grown up in opposite ends of the earth but a few things core believes unite them;

  • Their love of sharing yoga,
  • Their sense of adventure into the unknown and
  • Making people feel good.

Working with World Ex. we’ve designed a magnificent trek in the Annapurna Region with daily yoga, meditation and Thai massage.

You get 15 days to disconnect from stress and reconnect to self through travel, hiking, and yoga in Nepal. Explore sights, sounds and smells wandering through Kathmandu. Trek for 11 days through lush mountain trails, reaching heights of 4,600m while enjoying the comforts of warm meals in our private eco-camps and eco-lodges all while coming home to yourself daily with yoga and meditation.

Trip highlights

  • Wake up to guided Yoga and Meditation Daily
  • Thai yoga massage or yin in the evening
  • Trekking guide and porters
  • Traverse the high pastures above Kopra Ridge beneath Annapurna South, where ancient pilgrim trails lead to the sacred Khayer Lake (up to 4,600M
  • Rejuvenate each night with freshly cooked meals in our private eco-campsites and handpicked eco-lodge
  • Sleeping bag, mat and jacket
  • Park entry fees and permits
  • 1 day guided tour of Kathmandu
  • Return flights to Pokhara from Kathmandu

APRIL 11-25, 2019

Your leaders

A warm welcome from Nikki & Janel!

We are excited to be leading you on a yogi’s adventure through Nepal – one of the most amazing countries to visit on earth! Our intention for this trip is that we help you reconnect more deeply with yourself. Clear your mind with daily mediation, yoga and hiking. Relax your body with Thai Yoga Massage and Yin Yoga and experience the simple pleasures of connecting with earth and like-minded people as we adventure into the unknown.

About Janel

Janel is an avid explorer of the outer and inner realms and is excited to share her passions for travel, yoga, and hiking with you, trusting that the journey will change each of us.  She says; “when we travel, we rediscover wonder, we see the world with new eyes, open our minds, and expand our hearts.  When we walk in nature, we are immersed in the present moment, feeling truly alive.

When we practice yoga and meditation, we come home to ourselves, generating peace, and compassion to see clearly, feel deeply, love abundantly, and live with intention.”

Janel’s journey has taken her to 35 countries and counting, to climb the Rockies, Himalayas and Kilimanjaro, to practice yoga and meditation with many teachers in many places and to study the healing arts of Thai massage and Reiki.

Janel is a yoga teacher and holistic healing arts practitioner offering yoga, meditation, breathwork, reiki, massage, doula, and integrative nursing services. She is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-500), reiki practitioner (level 1), birth doula (DONA), and family nurse practitioner (FNP-BC).

About Nikki

Until recently Nikki was a corporate marketer, working a stressful 50 hour week. Now she runs The Happy Living Project, a corporate yoga and wellness business in Sydney. Nikki believes that yoga and meditation is medicine for the body and mind. Yoga teaches us to better connect with ourselves, others and nature. In that way, yoga is the perfect pairing with outdoor adventure.

“I’m passionate about getting people of all shapes, sizes and abilities nurturing their body, mind and spirit. This trip is an opportunity to strip all the stress away. Get back to basics. Walk in the wild. Feel the earth each morning when we rise with the sun. Talk with strangers as we wander and fall in love with yourself and the magic of life again and again.”

Nikki is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher (RYT-500) and 100 hr yin yoga teacher, 25 hour Fertility Yoga teacher and she has trained with a number of international and local yoga teachers. She brings a smile and cheeky sense of humour to all she does.

Combined these two ladies have a wealth of knowledge in yoga and healing. Each has travelled to Nepal and can attest to her beauty. They both believe that this journey and the group that will come together will truly be special.

Conscious trekking in Nepal

Two personal chefs for 11 days

Not only will we enjoy hiking and yoga daily amongst some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, we will also be accompanied by two of private chefs!

Our chefs will source the freshest local produce on route and provide three nourishing, balanced meals each day.

Why having private chefs is awesome!

  • Food safety and hygiene ensured – hygiene standards vary in tea houses and when at altitude our western bellies can be easily affected by bugs. Our chefs cook everything fresh for each meal.
  • Dietary requirements looked after – Vegan? Celiac? Dairy intolerant? No worries, our chefs will look after you provided you provide plenty of notice before the trip departure date.
  • Value for money – food in the mountains can be costly and often fried. According to World Expeditions meals in tea house for two weeks of trekking can cost around $800USD per person.
  • Convenience – no need to go hunting for good food or having to prepare our own meals – than means we have more time to chat, enjoy sunrise and sunset and stretch our muscles.

Eco camping and trekking

No plastic bottles policy

We will trek consciously, we are a fully sustainable camp – what that means is no plastic bottles for water. We are provided with clean, fresh drinking water at each meal to refill our bottles.

Waste is thoughtfully taken care of

Waste is thoughtfully disposed of. We burn non-toxic waste and carry out rubbish where possible ensuring minimal impact on the environment.  So all the people after us get to enjoy the beauty of the Annapurna just as we do.

Keep the trees standing 

The campsites use yak or cow dung to fuel heaters, kerosene to cook meals and boil water – don’t worry it doesn’t smell like poop!

2019 retreat alert! Nepal Adventure – EARLY BIRD ON


11 days of hiking in the Annapurna ranges, reaching up to 4,600M. Yoga and meditation daily.  Sight-seeing in Kathmandu. And everything looked after for you except international flights and a few meals.

Trek with a small group of like-minded adventurers through the grand peaks of the Himalayas. Nic will be your trip host, however, we have the helping hand of a bi-lingual guide for the journey as well as sherpa’s and two personal cooks.

Discover more about yoga, meditation and happy living with daily practices surrounded by the divine beauty of the Himalaya.


  • Daily yoga and meditation with Nic, your host
  • 14 nights’ accommodation in a mix of hotels, eco-lodges, and private campsites
  • A day of guided sight-seeing by a bi-lingual local in Kathmandu
  • Return flights to Pokhara from Kathmandu
  • A local bi-lingual trekking guide
  • A fully supported trekking team – that means you don’t have to carry your pack or worry about meals
  • The use of a quality, all season sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and jacket.
  • All sightseeing, park entry fees, and permits
  • Most meals included (except a few lunches and dinners).

I’m offering an early bird deal for all trip booked with deposits paid before October 1.

For more information please email and for the full trip itinerary, you can take a look at the World Expeditions website.


Deepen your practice and awaken the power within you with five days in beautiful Ubud Bali, staying at the new The Shala Bali.

Join a small group as we gently deepen your practice and discover a deeper connection to you. Through two daily practices, nourishing meals and time to unwind, we will awaken the mind/body connection that is us –  helping us live a fuller-life that is filled with joy, love and freedom.

Bali is known for its dramatic scenery and excellent organic food. Nourishment is an important part of the yogic lifestyle so we will enjoy healing food that not only supports your body but is also supportive to the earth.


  • 5 nights in a private room
  • Two daily practices lead by your instructor Nikki – start that day with a flowing yoga class followed by meditation or journaling time and end with restorative yin yoga
  • Opportunity to deep dive into poses with one on one assisting and coaching
  •  Delicious meals (except two on free days)
  • Wholefoods cooking class
  • A trip to the sacred water temple
  • And more!

OCTOBER 23 – 28, 2017

The retreat is open to all levels of yogi’s but especially those people who are looking to deepen their practice. We will workshop poses, a little yogic philosophy and much more.

Spaces are limited so get in fast.

*$500 deposit required to confirm your place. With final payment due one month prior.

If you have any questions or would like to book please email Nikki  –