The idea of meditating is often thought of as too hard for people. But it really is as simple as closing your eyes at any time. I come across this comment rather often and it’s a big reason why yogi’s often will do a asana (posture) practice first before accessing meditation. Yoga is meditation – linking breath with movement is a moving meditation, helping to focus the mind by focusing on the  breath and the posture you’re in.

For those moments while I’m on my yoga mat, I’m able put thinking aside and just feel. I walk away after savasana (corpse pose, that blissful resting pose at the end) in a state of bliss. I wanted more of this in my life. Less stress, more bliss – don’t we all?

Well the thing is, you can have it. With a little commitment and discipline, you can create a practice that helps you find stillness and ultimately bliss more and more frequently.

Many people think of meditation as a sit-down practice where we free our mind of thoughts. But, it doesn’t come naturally for many to sit still and not think – it certainly didn’t for me. And still doesn’t! The mind is designed to be in action mode, thinking about to-do lists, processing thoughts emotions or just day-dreaming. So sitting to clear the mind of thoughts can feel as though it’s an impossible task!

A common misconception is that we need to rid the mind of thoughts altogether.  I like to invite students to not follow or act on the thought that appear and gentle come back to the space you are creating – breath is a fantastic anchor to the current moment, so often just watching your breath works nicely. I personally use a mantra (Vedic meditation style), which charms the mind with sound. You can use simple words such as “Let” on the inhale ” Go” on the exhale. 

My meditation teacher describes meditation as cleaning of the mind, and that you wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth each day, so why not clean your mind too. I like this premise, because I know just how much space meditation can provide and it feels like a mental and emotional cleaning each day. 

I encourage you to try even a 7 day meditation challenge and see how you feel at the end of it.

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