Conscious trekking in Nepal

Two personal chefs for 11 days

Not only will we enjoy hiking and yoga daily amongst some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, we will also be accompanied by two of private chefs!

Our chefs will source the freshest local produce on route and provide three nourishing, balanced meals each day.

Why having private chefs is awesome!

  • Food safety and hygiene ensured – hygiene standards vary in tea houses and when at altitude our western bellies can be easily affected by bugs. Our chefs cook everything fresh for each meal.
  • Dietary requirements looked after – Vegan? Celiac? Dairy intolerant? No worries, our chefs will look after you provided you provide plenty of notice before the trip departure date.
  • Value for money – food in the mountains can be costly and often fried. According to World Expeditions meals in tea house for two weeks of trekking can cost around $800USD per person.
  • Convenience – no need to go hunting for good food or having to prepare our own meals – than means we have more time to chat, enjoy sunrise and sunset and stretch our muscles.

Eco camping and trekking

No plastic bottles policy

We will trek consciously, we are a fully sustainable camp – what that means is no plastic bottles for water. We are provided with clean, fresh drinking water at each meal to refill our bottles.

Waste is thoughtfully taken care of

Waste is thoughtfully disposed of. We burn non-toxic waste and carry out rubbish where possible ensuring minimal impact on the environment.  So all the people after us get to enjoy the beauty of the Annapurna just as we do.

Keep the trees standing 

The campsites use yak or cow dung to fuel heaters, kerosene to cook meals and boil water – don’t worry it doesn’t smell like poop!