Yoga offers its practitioners the gift of being present.

When we are fully present in the moment, we offer our whole selves to whatever it is that we are doing. Our attention, and our energy are all fully immersed on the task at hand.

This experience is so powerful that when we are in this state, we feel completely alive. Some sports phycologists call it the “state of flow” or being “in the zone”. This feeling of aliveness comes easily when we are absorbed in work or play that we love, but it is available to us in every moment, and we can learn to summon it regardless of what we do.

Next time you find yourself fully engaged in the moment, whether you are cooking, lifting weights, running, or talking to your best friend, you may want to take a moment to notice how you feel. You may notice that you are not thinking about your to-do list, your body feels – good, your brain is focused, you might generally feel content.

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