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The Teacher

Yoga with Nicolette

I bring creativity to a strong, flowing, yoga practice. My message is; infuse more self-love. And have fun!

I teach Hatha Vinyasa – a modern day practice that links breath with movement. The focus of my classes is to move and breathe to deliver vitality to each corner of the body ans escape a busy mind.

Regardless of age.

Regardless of fitness.

Regardless of how flexible (or inflexible) you think you are.

Yoga is for every body. Everybody can breathe and move – this is the foundation of yoga.

Like many of you, I work long hours. I sit most of the day. Tight hips. Tight hamstrings. 3pm lethargy. All symptoms I know well and can help heal.

I bring my nurturing, fun-loving nature to each class. My creative cues will be sure to make you smile, ease the tension away and cultivate inner awareness.

Classes are designed for beginners and all levels.

Join me in a judgement free space where I will help inspire you to become the best version of you.


Corporate Yoga and Wellness

I understand corporate bodies from my 15 years of corporate experience in media and marketing. I can relate to the metal health issues, the stress, the sedentary lifestyle that professional workers endure.

I teach from a place of compassion towards modern day life.

I’m passionate about back care and supporting sedentary lifestyles with strengthening and stretching postures as well mindfulness practices to reduce stress. It is with this ethos I work with businesses to promote a greater work-life balance and a happier healthier workers.

No two businesses are the same, so I work with businesses to design a yoga and wellness programme that suits their unique needs.

Some benefits to introducing yoga and wellness to your business;

For offices

  • Tenant or staff retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Happier workers
  • Showing you care by offering mental health and wellbeing services.

For gyms and health professionals

  • Compliment your existing services
  • Provide greater member value
  • Work with someone passionate about anatomy
  • Fascia and mobility training through yin yoga

Join Me

Corporate Yoga

I teach all levels yoga flow and meditation classes in CBD Sydney and on the North Shore – I come to your business. In the lead up to our first class I will work with your HR department or building management to design a suitable programme for your people.

Private classes
Design a personalised practice to suit your needs. No time to make it to class? Or perhaps you’re working on something in particular? I’m available for one-on-one sessions at a time and place that suits you or at one of my studios.

Experience and qualifications

  • Ongoing classes as Studio Elipsis, Cromer
  • Ongoing covers at Modern Movement. Balgowlah and Kai Yoga, Mosman
  • Weekly corporate yoga classes in Sydney’s CBD
  • Namste Ninja’s, Nozawa Onsen, Japan January 2017
  • VMO Sales Conference, Noosa, February 2017
  • 200hr Teacher Training, Power Living Australia Yoga 2016
  • Yin 100 hr teacher training 2017
  • 300hr Vinyasa Yoga TT including 50 hours of meditation and pranayama at Radiantly Alive Bali.


‘As a yoga teacher, Nikki’s natural warmth and compassion resonates throughout her classes while still managing to also ‘sneak in the hard’ with her commitment to helping students find their edge.’

Eliza Ballard
YTT Anatomy Educator, Physiotherapist, Yoga + Pilates Teacher

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