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The Shapes

Some tips and tricks on how to perfect your favourite (or least favourite) yoga pose.

A strong posture that forms part of the Sun B series. This one can be tight and uncomfortable for some until the psoas releases. We get tight psoas from all the sitting we do in our modern lives but with time and practice it will release and you’ll even learn to activate it.

Points of position

  • Build a strong foundation from the base.
  • Blade of the back foot bites the mat. Front knee over ankle.
  • Inner arches of the back foot are up to activate through the inner thighs
  • Hips to the front of the room, legs as wide apart as you need – don’t be frightened to have them as wide as the mat if needed

A strong, deep lunge, also part of the Sun B series. Designed to build fire and warmth in your thighs through its power – it feels great to release through the hips too. Warrior 2 is strong at the foundation yet soft through the arms and gaze.

Points of position

  • Magnetise the heels to the midline
  • Front knee in line with the toes
  • Chest faces the side
  • Strong but relaxed arms at shoulder height

Challenge your balance and strength in this powerful pose. This pose requires strength from the whole body to stay strong and stable. Great for balance and sneaking in some core work.

Points of position

  • Press through the grounded foot as well as through the ball of the lifted leg.
  • Core is switched on
  • Front ribs tuck in
  • Gaze on a point just in front of you

A transition pose that stretches the side body and opens up further through the hips. Taken with an inhale paint a rainbow in the sky before moving into the next pose.

Points of position

  • Heels magnetized to the midline
  • Core is switched-on
  • Front hand turns and gaze follows through as you paint the sky

Another powerful standing postures that introduces some baby-backbends. This one also challenges the balance a little.

Points of position

  • Legs at hip width
  • Ball of back foot is grounded, heel is lifted
  • Energy driving up from the pelvis, through the crown and shoots through the arms
  • Shoulder blades melt down the spine

This backbend is a perfect mid-back strengthener for corporate workers or new mums, those who spend a lot of time with their upper back rounded over. This posture strengthens core and mid back as well as opens the chest.

Points of position

  • Start with all toes pressing into the ground
  • Gently tuck the tailbone under
  • Hollow out the belly and firm up your thighs
  • Start to squeeze the shoulder blades together
  • For a more advanced pose, lift your feet and stretch your arms out in front.

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