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Stretching, strengthening and relaxing busy, working professionals.

Yoga and wellness by The Happy Living Project – making health and wellbeing accessible to all.

I’m a marketer by day, a yoga teacher by night and a student of yoga, always. Importantly, I’m passionate about facilitating better work-life balance for others just like me.

Welcome to The Happy Living Project. A place to inspire people to nourish mind, body and soul with yoga, wellbeing and happy living.

The Teacher

15 years living the corporate life inspired Nicolette to create a business that makes yoga and wellbeing more accessible – something everyone can enjoy and use to compliment their lifestyle.

The Student

I’m just like you. I was a stressed our Sydney-sider that found yoga. Its helped me heal and nourish myself. And it’s now a love affair I want to share. Get to know what inspires and motivates me as a student.

The Shapes

Some tips and tricks on how to perfect your favourite (or least favourite) yoga pose. Not familiar with the names? No worries, have a look here it might help!

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